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Update:  21.6.21

The Government has said that restrictions on numbers for Weddings is up to the Covid-secure venue, therefore at this church Weddings can now take place with up to 60 people, excluding church personnel.  The Vicar, Bride & Groom do not need to wear face coverings although everyone else does.  People are reminded that they need to remember to sanitise their hands and continue to self-distance (2m / 6ft 6in).

Update: 29.3.21

Although still in lockdown, weddings will be able to take place with 6 people attending (including bride & groom) excluding church personnel.  Please speak to Parish Office on 0121 357 1390 for more details.

Update:  3.12.20

Weddings can take place at the church again with a total of 15 people, excluding Church personnel.  Only the Vicar, Bride and Groom do not need to wear masks - they are compulsory for everyone else (unless somebody has an exemption).

Update:  5.11.20

Weddings will not be taking place at the church during lockdown except in exceptional circumstances.  For more information, please speak to the Parish Office

Update:  28.9.20

The regulations have been changed and there can now be only a total of 15 people in the wedding party (including guests) although this does exclude church personnel and photographer.  Only the Vicar, Bride and Groom do not need to wear masks - they are compulsory for everyone else (unless somebody has an exemption).

Update:  10.7.20

As of 4 July, weddings are now allowed in church subject to various restrictions.  There can only be a total of 30 people in church and it is important to remember that this will include church personnel (4 people) —it’s a bit difficult to get married without the vicar—and should also includes photographers and videographers.

Banns – are normally called for 3 consecutive weeks in the 3 months before a wedding, in any parish that covers the bride or groom or in which they are getting married, to check there are no legal objections to the wedding.  If there is not enough time, then a Common Licence can be applied for.  This usually takes 7-10 days.  Fortunately, Martin is a ‘Surrogate’ which means he can carry out the application. 

Qualifying Connection – some people want to get married in a church in a parish in which neither of them lives.  Some connections come out of historic links and these are not affected by Covid19.  Other people may be making a link by attending and then going onto the church’s Electoral Roll.  In this case, church lockdown has made it impossible to attend.

If one of the couple was attending regularly before the lockdown but had not reached the necessary attendance, then because they had begun to attend, that will be counted in their favour.  Where attendance has not yet begun, then it is imperative the couple speak to the Parish Office to show their intention and then to pop down to church each Sunday for the service between 11.00 am and 12.00 noon to sign their form and then to continue this now normal services have returned.

Coronovirus Update: 25.6.20

Although the Government have said weddings can take place from 4 July 2020, we are still waiting for the Church of England's clarification and guidance as to numbers, etc.  As soon as we know more, we will update this page.

Due to the current situation and churches being closed for worship, this means Wedding Banns cannot be read.  We will be contacting those couples whose weddings are booked for this year as their marriage will have to take place using a Common Licence. 

If couples wish to postpone their wedding from this year, then please speak to the Parish Office to sort out an alternative date.  For those couples who decide to go ahead with their wedding, the Church of England guidance is that only the couple, their witnesses and the vicar can be in church.  One suggestion is that the couple could then have a Wedding Blessing / Renewal of Vows at a later date with their original guests in attendance.  Again, speak to the Parish Office about this.

As soon as we have more guidance, we will notify our couples.

St. Margaret's is a lovely location for weddings and it is an important part of the church's ministry and prayers.  To find out whether you or your partner live in the parish of Great Barr, please click here.  With regards to  available dates, contrary to popular belief, there is no "waiting list" so always give us a call to see if the date you want is available. 

This year, the church had  "Planning Your Church Wedding" on Sunday 8 March which was an informal in-house session about Banns, music in church, what happens on the wedding day, etc.  In addition to Rev'd Martin Rutter and our Associate Minister, Rev'd Tim Ward, there were representatives from our Bellringers and Choir together with our Organist to deal with any questions. 

When contacting the Parish Office about getting married at St Margaret's, there are certain questions which need to be asked, so in order to save time and to make sure you have at least some of that information to hand before you or your partner contact the Parish Office, please click here for a copy of the 'Getting Married at St Margaret's - Checklist' 

For baptisms and weddings please contact the Parish Office.