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P  D wedding - 29.4.23

St. Margaret's is a lovely location for weddings and it is an important part of the church's ministry and prayers.  To find out whether you or your partner live in the parish of Great Barr, please click here.  With regards to  available dates, contrary to popular belief, there is no "waiting list" so always give us a call to see if the date you want is available. 

There are certain questions which need to be asked, so in order to save time, make sure you have at least some of that information to hand before you or your partner contact the Parish Office, and please click here for a copy of the 'Getting Married at St Margaret's - Checklist' 

People often wonder what "Banns" and "Qualifying Connection" mean, so below is a quick explanation 

Banns – are normally called in church on 3 consecutive Sundays in the 3 months leading up to a wedding, and must be read in any parish that covers the bride or groom or in which they are getting married, to check there are no legal objections to the wedding.  If there is not enough time, then a Common Licence can be applied for.  This usually takes 7-10 days.  Fortunately, Martin is a ‘Surrogate’ which means he can carry out the application. 

Qualifying Connection – some people want to get married in a church in a parish in which neither of them lives.  Some connections come out of historic links.  

For those who do not have a "Qualifying Connection", provided they have been baptised, they can make a link by attending and then going onto the church’s Electoral Roll. For those who have not been baptised, have a chat with the Parish Office about Adult Baptism. 

For baptisms and weddings please contact the Parish Office.