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This is a very difficult time especially as there are so many decisions that have to be made quickly.  There is waiting for the Death Certificate to be issued, then registering the death before you can start to organise the funeral. 

If you live in the parish or regularly attend St Margaret's, there is the option of a church service here with either a burial in the churchyard or going on the crematorium after the church service (the ashes could then be interred in the churchyard at some point in the future).  A church service can be between 30 minutes to over an hour depending upon what you want.

These days, many people opt for a cremation at one of the local crematoria rather than a church service and each service is allocated 30 minutes.  Please be aware that you can ask for our vicar to take the service at the crematorium.

If you do decide you would like the vicar, then please make sure you tell your Funeral Director as soon as you start to organise the funeral so that they can contact us before booking the funeral in at the crematorium.  If you do not tell them, then they will use whichever minister they can find for that date.  Can we just remind you that the vicar does not work on a Friday. 

If you would like further information, then please contact the Parish Office.   

Churchyard Regulations

The Diocese of Lichfield have been revising their Churchyard Regulations and have brought out a new Memorial Application form which includes guidelines for applicants.  These new regulations have now been implemented. 

Please note that it is essential to let the church have the completed Memorial Application form as the form MUST be approved by the Vicar before a memorial stone / ashes tablet can be put into the churchyard.  Without the church's approval, the memorial is illegal and will have to be removed.  It is particularly important to bear this in mind if you go on line to order a memorial.

Remember the stonemason's charges include the cost of actually putting the approved stone into the churchyard.  Legally only BRAM / NAMM approved contractors are allowed in churchyards and crematoria.

For those who wish to have a memorial for their loved one, attached is a guide for the bereaved together with a copy of the application form.

  • Guidance for the Bereaved, click here
  • Application form to introduce a Memorial into the Churchyard, click here

For people wanting to know what is and what is not permitted in the churchyards of the Lichfield Diocese, click here for a copy of the current regulations.  If you require details of stonemasons, please contact us.