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Children @ Church and Other Services


Children @ Church has restarted at 9.30 am taking place twice a month in church on the 2nd and last Sunday of the month, which means currently there is not be a service at 11.00 am although the church are looking at this.  

Forthcoming dates are as follows:

  28 April at 9.30 am in church

  12 May at 9.30 am in church

  26 May at 9.30 am in church

  9 June at 9.30 am in church

  30 June at 9.30 am in church.

St Margaret's School have now received the report from Ofsted following their inspection in July 2022, for details, click here

There was a small Children at Church Christmas Service organised by Georgina on Thursday 23 December 2021 - below are photographs from the service:

Mary  Joseph progressing down the aisleGeorgina taking the service

St Margarets Crib


To apply for a ‘church’ place at St. Margaret’s School, the Regulation require the child or their parents to attend regularly, at least monthly, over 1 year.  Other Schools may vary.

In normal circumstances we have encouraged parents to do this by attending Church and especially to bring their children to our Children at Church services.  A register is kept at C@Ch or there are slips to complete at the back of church which are used to support your claim.

However, at the end of March this ceased to be possible due to enforced church closure.  In July, ordinary services at 11.00 am on Sundays and at 10.00 am on Thursday mornings re-started so it is now possible for parents to attend.  Those wishing to bring their children with them are most welcome to do so but there is no organised C@Ch activities, although stories and colouring pens are available.

For those wanting to apply for a ‘church’ place, those who were attending before lockdown will have those missing weeks credited to them as if they had attended. 

Those starting to attend since July need to show that they are coming regularly and if they want to say that they would have attended during the lockdown months may need to show proof of intention.  Some did so by contacting the Parish Office and enquiring what to do.

Now that some services are taking place, it should be possible to show a continuing involvement at the Church.

Although the C@Ch register is not being taken each week, we do have attendance shown via the ‘Track and Trace’ and there are the slips to fill in at the back of church to say you have been.

We wish to be both trusting and Godly in these matters.

 Martin Rutter

Those of us who are parents know the trauma that can occur by trying to bring children to church.  Will they sit quietly or will they want to run about?  Will we enjoy the service or will we be exhausted at the end of it?

Children are part of today’s Church and it is important to bring them and that they enjoy coming, if they are to be part of the church of tomorrow.  But it helps to think ahead if you and the other worshippers are to enjoy everything.

Our Family Communion at 11.00 am on the second Sunday of each month is designed with young children in mind.  Everyone starts in church together and then the youngsters can go out to our “Children at Church” where they can engage in a bible story and activities for their own age.  They also get a biscuit and drink!   Parents can go out with them if that helps them settle, or relax in church while they are looked after.  Everyone comes back together in church for the final part of the service (including the communion).  When they come back in the children share with the congregation the things that they have been doing.                   

Then, on the last Sunday of each month, there is Informal Family Worship at 9.30 am in the Meeting Room with coffee afterwards before the 11.00 am service so people can meet.

Our Children at Church helpers are all CRB checked and a number are full time teachers.  We always welcome extra offers of help – could it be you?

At special times of the year we hold Family Services with the children in mind, such as the Crib Service or on Good Friday.

We also hold regular “Parade Services” when our Scout and Guide sections attend and these are also designed for all age groups. The next Parade services will be on 7 October (Harvest Festival) and 11 November (Remembrance Sunday)                 

Everyone is most welcome – see the leaflet for details.