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Website Advertising

Our St Margaret’s Church Great Barr, like so many others of us, faces shortages of funds, experiences cash flow difficulties and again like so many resort to fund raising initiatives but; unlike many, apart from offering the opportunity to contribute to the community through the work of the Church, this initiative offers a little more in return.

We are inviting you as an individual, group or organisation to sponsor our Church and its many activities and in return we offer you an opportunity to record your generosity by advertising your activity(ies) on our website.

We of course, without in any way appearing to be ungrateful, do reserve the right to monitor and select all proposals to ensure compatibility with the beliefs and work of the Church.

We have yet to finalise sponsorship amounts (fee structure) but we think that we will be settling on the following:

Stand alone web page advertisements per calendar year:

1.    Full A4 Page equivalent - £100.00 (400 pixels)

2.    Half Page - £50.00 (300 pixels)

3.    Quarter page - £25.00 (200 pixels)

Set-Up Charges Starting @ £25.00 (Depending on the amount of Design and Graphical work required).

Combined web page and Parish Magazine (A5) advertisements per calendar year add 40% to the above amounts:

1.    Full Page - £140.00

2.    Half Page - £70.00

3.    Quarter page - £35.00

Set-Up Charges Starting @ £25.00 (Depending on the amount of Design and Graphical work required).

If you are interested in joining us in our fundraising initiative then please contact the Parish Office.

Alternatively, please print your contact details on the foot of this page and mail it to the Parish Office in order that we may contact you.


Reply Coupon:

I am interested in becoming a Sponsor of St Margaret’s Church, Great Barr Web Site.

My Contact Details are as follows:

Name(s): _______________________________________________________

 Contact Phone Number(s): _________________________________________

 Address:  _______________________________________________________

 __________________________________________ Post Code: ___________

Date: __________________________________

Nature of Activity/Business _________________________________________

Preferences: Website ____________ Website and Magazine: ______________