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Help Our Church

St. Margaret’s Church is here to serve the people of our Parish.  Many people come to have their children Baptised, to get Married, to hold the Funeral Service of a loved one or to lay their remains to rest in the surrounding Churchyard.  Many people pop in to the building to pray, to seek help in time of trouble or to give thanks for some special moment.

The Church building is here because of the efforts of the past but it has to be maintained and kept available for the future.  St. Margaret’s, like most churches, does not get money from the government or have wealthy endowments.  All the costs of the building and providing the ministry of the church has to be met from current fundraising, our weekly collections and special events.  Nationally there are charges for Marriage and Funeral services and we have to charge to cover the costs of the volunteers who play the music, ring the bells or sing.  The Vicar is the only full time member of staff but is supported by a team of willing volunteers.

To help support the work of the Church and the upkeep of the building we are always glad of one-off donations or regular giving.  The one concession from the government is that through Gift Aid we can reclaim the income tax on gifts from those who pay tax.  (This amounts to 25p for every £1 given.)

Please ask for details if you would like to help in any way, regular giving, one-off gifts to support the running of the church, or to help maintain the fabric.  Would you also consider remembering the Church in your Will? 

2019 Appeal -  Church Roof & Associated Works

The church roof  needs to carry out necessary repairs and restoring damaged or lost tiles, flashing and rainwater goods. — Away with all the buckets …

The work will also allow us to replace the rotten woodwork in the entrance porch and excitingly help the work and use of the church by adding a new toilet for the disabled which will include baby changing facilities.  These are urgently needed to help both old and young.

At our recent Church Council meeting, we agreed to accept the Architect’s proposal to appoint a firm to carry out the work.  This was agreed, subject to the various listed building consents and planning approvals including the legal church faculty being granted.  Planning permission has now been granted.

(One of the conditions for a faculty is that we are up to date with the Parish Share – which we are, thanks to the very hard work and generous giving over the last 3 years.)

The cost will be in the region of £300,000 to do all this, including VAT (which we should be able to reclaim later on). 

We have been blessed in recent years by legacies and with other bequests.  All these have been put aside for this very moment and without them we would not be able to propose doing this work at this time.  We are profoundly thankful for people’s generosity and forethought. 

As a result we have £100,000 in hand and a further £50,000 already promised in match funding.  We have also set up a JustGiving page through the Diocese which means all money donated on that page will be passed on to us by the Diocese.  The address for the JustGiving page is:

There is still a big challenge before us.  Can you help?

Please look out for our Appeal and please let us have any fundraising ideas.

Thank you

Martin Rutter