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Confirmation Group 2016

Above is the 2016 Confirmation Group for the local churches.

Confirmation is the time when as an adult we can affirm our faith saying “Yes I do believe this”.  The Bishop then says prayers for each candidate with the laying on of hands.  This is usually the time when people start taking the bread and wine of Communion.

Each year there is "Cluster Confirmation" which takes place by rotation at one of the churches in the Walsall Deanery usually around May. The Vicar usually looks at  running a series of classes starting in February/March.  These classes run for several weeks and usually take place  in the Meeting Room here at the church. 

Classes for the 2018 course started on Sunday 11 March at 5.00 pm in the meeting room here at the church.   

If anyone is thinking about being baptised as an adult or would like to be confirmed, or would like to know more about what is involved, then please speak to the Vicar or send an email to the Parish Office which can then be passed to the Vicar. 

For further information, contact the Parish Office.